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💡 Learn How To Create Architectural Concept Design & Process!

  • There are some important aspects that a lot of students or young practitioners don't put into consideration while designing a project. An architect should design for every individual in the society. He should be able to grasp cultural and economic differences, the arc is obliged to try to understand the best ways to empathize with users to initiate a productive and satisfying dialogue.
  • In this eBook we are going to dive deeper into the architectural concept and explore a lot of ways to generate a successful concept to impress your audience. The book contains so many tips, examples inspritational quotes and keywords which will help you during your journey.

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✅ Brief Idea about the Concept

✅ Concept Definitions

✅ Concept Types

✅ Concept Finding Strategies

✅ How to Find Your Concept

✅ Inspiration Methods

✅ How to Evaluate Your Concept?

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📚 Architectural Concept eBook | Architecture Student Guide

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